Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You Concert and Final Blog Post For Now

After recovering from jet lag, catching up at home, and digging out at work, the Visitation Choir Tour Group reconvened on Wednesday, May 13, to perform a concert at our home Visitation Church thanking those who traveled with us and our fellow choir members, families, and parishioners who supported us from home while we traveled and throughout all the preparations for the trip. The Visitation Choir reprised the Concert performance from our concert in Rome, with a set of Traditional Music and a set of American Spirituals separated by a fantastic organ solo by Nicholas Biedler, who flew in from Cincinnati for the concert. We will post a few of the pieces from this concert on YouTube in the next few days and hope to put together a DVD featuring performances at all of our Italian venues and our Visitation Concert.

After the concert, about 100 concert-goers gathered in Tighe Hall for a celebration reception, featuring Italian wines and appetizers and a "big screen" slide and video show projecting pictures and videos from our trip. Amazingly, the order of 7 cases of wine that we had ordered from Montalcino arrived that day intact and complete, and we distributed the wine treasures that our group had chosen to bring back to enjoy as memories of our trip over the years to come.

This will be the last posting on this blog for now, until we decide if it has further use. We plan to continue to post videos to the YouTube site as they may merit - search for "KRSweeney2281" on YouTube or sign up for notices when we make a new post.

We have recieved over 1,400 unique hits to this blog during the short period leading up to and during our Italian Tour 2009. To all of you who allowed us to share our adventure with you in this way, we are extremely grateful. Next time, maybe you can join us in person!

Ciao and Grazie Mille!

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  1. Kevin, thanks for the blog and everything else you've done. You are amazing. XOXO