Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some Quotes from the Tour

"Sir, I will buy ANYTHING IN THIS STORE if you let me use your bathroom."

"Skip the Trevi, have a bevi."

"Was that graffiti? I thought someone just spilled a blob of yellow paint on the wall."

Overheard on the last day: "The SeaTour Bus has a bathroom?!?!"

Anonymous female, first day: "I am pretty sure I just used the men's room."

"Let's just find a taxi and tell him to drive around until we find the bus."

"Don't worry girls, after 8 days alone with the kids, our husbands will pay any amount to get us home."

"Are we there yet?"

"Wouldn't those Chianti bottles make nice Christmas ornaments?"

"I got in trouble one time for taking a picture of myself."

"Where's RC?"

"BeLOW" and "Stay Tuned."

"Watch out for that gypsy baby!"

"Just a little more up, then its all down."

"Our Choir members are just volunteers, not professionals like yours." (Second-hand. Did the other choir director really say this?)

"Please come back any time you like. This Church (Santa Maria del Popolo - Rome) is your house."

"Oh, you're not wearing black!"

"Your men have cohones."

Best memory for me? Tears, tears, and more tears ... especially when Give Me Jesus made the Priest cry. Maureen

... and heard on Friday, May 1st at breakfast: "Honey, where are the croissants?"

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